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[LIVE]The latest poll by the mayor of Taipei “subverts imagination” Jiang Wanan’s latest response|2022.08.02 @中

At the end of the year, the Taipei mayoral election has attracted attention. A new poll shows that the Kuomintang’s Jiang Wan’an’s support is 28%, ahead of the DPP’s Chen Shizhong’s 26% and the People’s Party’s Huang Shanshan’s 25%, but the support of the three is quite close and within the margin of error. This news caused heated discussions, and many netizens scolded “impossible” and questioned that Chen’s epidemic prevention performance could still be 26%, which is unbelievable.

The latest poll of Taipei mayor released by “United Daily News” yesterday (1) shows that Chiang Wan-an leads with 28%, Chen Shizhong is second with 26%, Huang Shanshan is third with 25%, but 27% of voters still have no opinion/not yet Decide. In terms of optimism, Chen is ahead with 32%, Jiang is second with 26%, Huang is third with 15%, and 21% of voters have no opinion/undecided.

Regarding age groups, polls show that Jiang Wanan is supported by 34% of voters over the age of 60 and 32% of voters between the ages of 40 and 59, ahead of the other two candidates; Huang Shanshan is 35% in the age group of 20 to 39 % support, ahead of the other two candidates.

This result caused heated discussions. Netizens poured into “Zhongshi News Network” and “yahoo! Qimo” to leave messages, and the number of messages was about 100: “Chen Shizhong still has 26%? Impossible!” 26%? Lie to Xiao Ye”, “Taiwanese are indeed politically in command, they only look at ideology and not actual results”, “How many elderly people and children have left because of wrong epidemic prevention policies, and then he ran away to elect Taipei mayor. High opinion polls?” “Chen Shizhong firmly holds the basic teachings of the Green Camp, Jiang Wanan has to work hard, otherwise it is really dangerous”, “Chen Shizhong has been seen through and has nothing to say and only speaks sour words to please the green iron fans, Jiang responded on the one hand. But also come up with a policy!”

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