Tax declarations: How salaried and professionals will be taxed this year – 2024-04-14 19:18:06

The last ten days of April will open the curtain on this year’s tax returnswith the AADE “running” the procedures for the new tax forms and the issuance of the decisions that will clarify the new landscape, while in the Parliament there is the provision that provides for the automatic submission of tax returns for approximately 1 million taxpayers with incomes exclusively from wages and pensions.

As tax expert Angelos Giannarakis reports in “Peloponnisos”.employees and pensioners they will find their tax returns pre-filled in their accounts this yearwith AADE submitting the tax return at the end of the deadline, even if the debtors do not do so.

It needs a lot of attention though, because in the event of an inaccurate declaration there will be a fine on the resulting difference to be paid. The percentage will start from 10% and will reach up to 50%.

alsoabout 750,000 freelancers they will pay the marble this year with the tax calculation being done in a presumptive way. It is estimated that the tax that will arise per taxpayer will range from 2,000 euros and above.
Professionals have the option to declare less taxable income than the presumptive, but the tax they will be asked to pay will be calculated based on the presumptive income. Those who believe that they are wronged by the new presumptive taxation system will be able to challenge the tax by submitting an objection on a new platform prepared by AADE.

The upheavals in the taxation system of freelancers and sole proprietorships also bring an end to the four-speed pretension in this year’s tax returns:

  • 325 euros for professionals and freelancers.
  • 400-500 euros for natural persons whose income comes from an individual service business or free profession and have a written contract with up to three natural and/or legal persons, or 75% of their gross income comes from a natural and/or legal person face.
  • 800 euros for legal entities that carry out a commercial business and have their headquarters in tourist locations and in cities or villages with a population of up to 200,000 inhabitants.
  • 1,000 euros for legal entities that run a commercial business and have their headquarters in cities with a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants.

The payment of the settlement bills will be made in 8 installments, with the first starting at the end of July. The AADE has already announced the delay of the curtain for this year’s tax declarations, at which point the deadline is considered to be extended to July 31.

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