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Teacher empowerment was inaugurated

Sunday, September 18, 2022 12:07 AM IST

Muwatupuzha: Teacher empowerment program in sub-district Director Education Jeevan Babu inaugurated through video conference This is District Education Officer R. Vijay presided. Deputy Director of Education Honey G. Alexander delivered the keynote speech.
AEO Jeeja Vijayan, Diet Senior Lecturer P. Indu, Senior Superintendent D. Ullas, HM Forum Secretary M.K. Muhammad, Asst. Secretary P.A. Salim spoke.

Paipra won the state PTA award Govt. UP School and Kunnakal Govt. who won the award of Upazila PTA. UP School, LSS, USS Scholarship Considerations Teachers who provided leadership were also honored in the ceremony.
Then Dr. Mustafa Palaikkal, Dr. K Baspin, T.T. Poulos conducted the classes.

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