TEDi: Your One-Stop Shop for Affordable Home Products in Belgium

2023-06-17 17:18:08

On March 3, we announced the news. TEDi, a German competitor of the Action stores, which has 2,750 stores in 11 countries, revealed its desire to set up in Belgium. Like Action, TEDi targets inexpensive items for the home, such as stationery, decoration or toys.

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TEDi offers various products at bargain prices: “We offer a surprisingly wide selection: whether it’s decorative items, household items, stationery items or handicrafts, you will find all in one place”. Many items are sold at the price of 1 euro.

Today, it is now a reality: the first Belgian store opened its doors this Saturday in Tongeren. “Eventually, we are aiming for 150 to 200 stores in Belgium”, explains Belang van Limburg Koen Kerremans. This news is accompanied by another. The regional director of TEDi for Belgium adds that “after Tongres, we will open two other branches in Limburg this year”.

But then, what should customers expect when they visit the newly opened store? Quite simply to a vast assortment of 15,000 articles in the first Belgian store. This ranges from decorative materials, stationery, kitchen utensils and toys to craft materials, DIY products and sweets. And of course… always at low prices!

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