Telework and distance school: advice for parents

Pairing telecommuting with your children’s remote school can be quite a difficult task, but there are a few tips to make your life easier, according to a psychoeducator.

First, during her appearance on the “100% Nouvelles” program on Friday on LCN, she emphasized lowering parents’ expectations.

“We can let go and give a little time on television or tablet during meetings that require more energy, also let go of the meals which are very elaborate and involve the children in the tasks”, mentions Solène Bourque, psychoeducator and author.

Some parents are fortunate in being able to plan their workday more. For example, at the start of the week, they can warn their colleagues that they will be free, but above all unavailable for meetings during this period.

“We have to make sure to establish from the start what our priorities are in a day because it is sure that there are elements that we cannot combine like a meeting and a period of supervision of children more. intensive therefore, we have to structure our schedule, ”says the specialist.

She adds that if we know that during a period of time our child is more independent, we can then take the opportunity to make themselves available for meetings.

The psychoeducator recalls that the parent at home performs several additional tasks when his children are with him at home.

“To be a parent at home, a worker and a teacher assistant at the same time to help our child. These are three roles which are nevertheless demanding and which do not necessarily reconcile. So, yes, parents feel a lot of fatigue, stress, pressure and this can be felt on the children ”, underlines the psychoeducator.

According to her, parents put extra pressure on themselves to entertain their children or to accompany them non-stop throughout the day.

“We have to lower our expectations, the moment we are going to spend together may be during dinner time. We take the time to chat with our child, we play a very simple little game or sometimes in the evening, but it is sure that during the day if the child has a period and free time, it may be that he spends more time with the tablet or drawing alone without being supervised, but we are not a bad parent for that, ”explains the author.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


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