Thai fans can rest easy!

Fans of the Red Devils in Thailand are preparing to scream. Manchester United insists that Cristiano Ronaldo must fly to play the red game against Liverpool in Bangkok, despite the rumors that he wants to move the club this summer.

Ronaldo Trouble for the agency when requesting to move the team to play the game Champions League He has been playing the most continuously for 19 years, and is also referred to as the top scorer of this program with 141 goals. He also played the most 183 games after the Red Devils finished last season in the standings. Six of the Premier League and will have to play in the Europa League next season, which the 37-year-old has never touched before.

Against the spirit of the spearhead, the Red Devils have also announced that they do not want to sell Ronaldo, who has one year left on his contract with the club. Until the latest on July 3, The Mirror cited information from insiders that the famous team of the Old Trafford area had already informed the famous star that they had to travel to kick in the pre-season. Season in Thailand, fighting with Liverpool on July 12, with the News even hoping to move the team.

The media said United want the striker to travel with the club from Friday for two and a half weeks to allow new boss Erik ten Hag to see everyone’s form first. And then may consider allowing some players to move the team if the form is not in the eyes of the Dutch manager.

In addition to flying to kick the red game in Bangkok, the Red Devils have a pre-season queue with Crystal Palace in Melbourne, Australia, followed by chasing with Aston Villa in Perth, Australia, such as together

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