The Russian version of the Xbox Wire news site is no more – Microsoft silently removed the page

Russian version of the official news site Xbox no longer opens Microsoft completely removed it without making any statements. Upon attempt go to page redirect to US version Xbox Wire.

Russia is also no longer mentioned in the list of regions Microsoft offers sites in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

The Russian version of Xbox Wire stopped updating in March, when Microsoft announced that it would stop deliveries of Xbox consoles to Russia, but the page remained available for visiting until the end of June.

The Russian version of Xbox Wire was launched with great fanfare ahead of the release of the Xbox Series X|S – Phil Spencer even then turned to domestic gamers in Russian with the words “Thank you for playing on the Xbox”.

Later Microsoft announced about “expansion in all directions” and called the Russian market one of the most promising.

“For a long time we have been focusing heavily on North America, the UK, Australia and Latin America. Now we have a new team of specialists who have defined a new, more global marketing strategy. We will invest in China, Japan, Russia, India, Europe and so on We are serious and confident that we can handle it. We just needed a new plan,” Spencer explained.

In June, the editors of became aware of the dissolution of the Russian Xbox team. It was expected that Microsoft would address the audience before the end of the month and explain what would happen next with the brand in Russia, but she did not do this.

Xbox Russia PR manager Alexander Startsev called June 30 his last day in the company and said goodbye with the audience.

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