Tik Tok tests the “Shop” feature for online shopping

The Chinese social networking platform Tik Tok has begun testing the modification of the electronic shopping feature “Shop” to allow users to browse and buy products from a number of different categories such as clothes and electronics.

The “Shop” feature is considered a center for displaying the products that are sold through the “Tik Tok Shop” section, which is the section that allows merchants and creators to display and sell their products to users directly through the Tik Tok platform, where the “Tik Tok Shop” service is currently provided in a limited number of markets. Including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Britain.

The “Shop” feature also provides a shopping cart icon on the upper right side and a list that includes orders, voucher messages, addresses and payment method.

The order page is designed to help the user follow up on his orders, shipping and returns, and the payment page allows the user to manage his billing information and add any credit or borrow card.

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