“Thanapat” fights for the doubles – falling singles at the Junior Australian Open

“Tree” Thanaphat Nirandorn, 18-year-old Thai youth tennis player, hand 64, world youth against the strength of local hitman Jones Hayden, can’t lose 0-2, fall in the 32nd round, men’s singles, youth tennis grand slam M Junior Australian Open 2022 in Australia unfortunately, however, Thanaphat excuses to pair up with a fellow striker from Canada. Change the situation from losing the first set first. Come back to win the 6th manual of the item 2-1, set through to the round of 16, duel pairs of athletes from Peru and Bulgaria on January 25

Grand Slam Youth Tennis Tournament “Junior Australian Open 2022” in Melbourne, Australia on January 24, 65 “Tree” Thanaphat Nirandon, 18-year-old Thai youth tennis player, ranked 64th. World youth down to the men’s singles racket duel, second round or round of 32, found Jones Hayden, a 15-year-old Australian native tennis player, ranked 197, the youth world who has the privileges. Or wild card to compete in this match Thanaphat has a slight pain in the right thigh muscle. causing problems in the rhythm of the service resulting in the first set Two servings were halted in Game 4 and Game 8, losing 2-6 games.

Then the second set, Thanaphat tries to return to play according to his own form. But the opponent is strong and puts the ball well. With only the shot, the forehand is a beautiful winner many times. Making it possible to break the game of serving Thai strikers in games 4 and game 8, the young Aussie won 6-2, resulting in this match Thanaphat was defeated 0-2 set with a score of 2-6 and 2-6 eliminated. unfortunately

However, Thanaphat has returned to make a good performance in the doubles category. After pairing up with Canadian left-hander Jaden Viges, 44th-ranked youth world champion Oluf Pezkowski and Poland’s Boris Skola finished 2-1 in a set 2-1. In the first set, the pair of Thanaphat lost 2-6 first, then came back to turn the situation around by breaking the manual serve, placing 6 in game 8 and winning 6-3.

The third set, which competes in the super tiebreak system, Thanaphat and Viges still play well together. Winning the rhythm to score a lead to 9-5 before the 6th guide tries to chase after 8-9, but the score later, Thanaphat came out to serve well, squeezed in front of the net until the opponent returned the ball itself, causing Thana Phat and Jaden Viges, Canadian duo It was the side that immediately won 2-6, 6-3 and Super Tie Break 10-8, spending a total of 1 hour and 1 minute. Thanaphat and Jaden Viges paired together through the second round or round of 16, the final pair to meet with Ik. Nacio Bux of Peru and Dingo Dinev of Bulgaria will play on January 25.

After the competition, Thanaphat said that he admitted that he regretted losing in a single category. which considers himself still not playing well While the opponent played very well. Can pressure them not to play according to the game at all. Makes himself very determined to play the doubles category that does not want to lose because he still enjoys and wants to stay in this tournament.

“The doubles, even if it’s a tough match, I had to commend my Canadian friends who fought together. Despite losing in the first set, we did not give up. We try to fight until we come back to win. make me feel very happy Today, even with a single defeat but still can qualify for the doubles category It keeps me in this tournament. And still want to do better work. I really like the competitive atmosphere here and the games allow me to learn a lot about the competitive experience,” said Thanaphat.

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