that exam he failed when he was young

Emmanuel Macron embarrassed: this exam he failed when he was young

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Emmanuel Macron embarrassed: this exam he failed when he was young

Although he became President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron did not have a smooth journey. Indeed, the politician missed an important exam being younger.

Emmanuel Macron has a bad memory. During its passage in the 19.45 of M6 on March 23, the president mentioned several youth issues. In particular, he focused on a measure to help young people to pass the licenseremember The voice of the North. But why does this review particularly hold his attention? It is because he is well placed to know that it is not so simple…

“It is rare to get your license on the first try” emphasizes Emmanuel Macron during this interview. A thought-provoking remark. “Did you miss it?” asks Xavier de Moulins. « Yes one time. It’s not glorious” admits the outgoing president. If he shares this personal anecdote, it is to highlight his measure which consists in financing, for those engaged in the Universal National Service, the passage of the license. ” The idea, if you are engaged in the SNU, is that the State, the community pays you, the code, the hours, the diploma » he says, estimating the cost around “ 1 600 euros ».

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Emmanuel Macron: his other failure in an exam

Even though his CV is impressive, Emmanuel Macron failed twice in the competition for the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure. When he wants to become a writerhe wants to go to the Ecole Normale Supérieure, he will fail twice. He still has in his life a heavy initial failure, which he hates to talk about elsewhere, because he sees himself as a winner” reports Hervé Algalarrondo, political journalist at the microphone of South Radio in January 2021. In the columns of theObsin February 2017, he made some confidences about this failure. “You have to believe that I was not made for that. (…) I was too much in love to seriously prepare for the competition. The heart and the reason are incompatible,” he confided to our colleagues. At that time, the politician was madly in love with his French teacher, Brigitte Macron, 24 years her senior.

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