The 13th generation Intel Core processor is rumored to be available in October 2022, with better performance with DDR5 | 4Gamers

The engineering sample performance of the 13th generation Intel Core processor codenamed Raptor Lake-S continues to be exposed. This time it is the turn of the mid-to-high-end Core i7-13700K, but what is even more surprising is that its multi-core performance with DDR5 memory is even better than DDR4 is a lot better.

According to the Geekbench 5 score information website, the Core i7-13700K processor consisting of 8 P-cores and 8 E-cores is paired with ASRock Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E and Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E/D5 motherboards respectively 32GB of DDR4 and DDR5 memory, the measured scores are significantly different.

First see the results with DDR4-3600 memory, single-core measured 2090 points, multi-core measured 16542 points. After switching to DDR5-5200, the single core dropped slightly to 2069 points (presumably due to the error fluctuation), but the multi-core increased to 19811 points, an amplitude of nearly 20%, the difference is very obvious.

The built-in test items in Geekbench 5 are quite diverse, including various encryption, integer, and floating-point operations. From the detailed point of view, it is true that many items perform better in the DDR5 environment than DDR4, but there are also very few items that are almost indistinguishable. And so far, there is no accurate game performance comparison, in short, Geekbench 5 results are good for reference.

In addition, according to well-known whistleblowers in China Enthusiastic Citizen Stroke Monster Noting that the 13th Gen Intel Core K-series processors and Z790 chipset motherboards are likely to be unveiled at the Intel Innovation 2022 event on September 28, and will be available the week of October 17.

Non-K-series 13th Gen Intel Core processors and H760 chipset motherboards may be unveiled at CES 2023 on January 5, 2023, and go on sale in late January. As for the more entry-level H710 chipset, it has been determined that it will not appear, after all, the existing H610 chipset can handle it.

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