The 2022 PEL Spring Finals will be held in Xi’an, and the number of viewers will double

The 2022 PEL Spring Finals will be held in Xi’an, and the number of viewers will double

2022-05-23 12:01:29Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On May 22, the 2022 PEL Spring Finals ended at the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, becoming the first offline e-sports event this year. Wuhan RSG stood out from the 15 teams and won the 2022 PEL Spring Finals championship and won 8 million in prize money.

After the reform of the event at the beginning of this year, the schedule was changed to three stages: regular season, playoffs, and finals, and the average PEL viewers doubled. The competition system and rules have been fully upgraded to match the PMGC Global Finals, which has shortened the distance between the competition and users.

It is understood that the champion of the 2022 PEL Spring Finals will also be invited to participate in the 2022 PMWI Peace Elite World Invitational Tournament on behalf of the PEL division to compete with the world’s top players. At the same time, the 2022 Peace Elite mass event system will also usher in innovation. The Peace Elite is composed of five core tracks, including the city track, the college track, the national track, the platform track, and the ecological wild card track. National competition.

Outside the arena, PEL has officially opened a fixed-seat system, and all 20 clubs that joined before 2022 have signed up and purchased seats. In addition to the new seats that will be opened in the future, the champion clubs of the 2022 PEN Peace Elite New Power League will also be eligible to purchase fixed seats. The implementation of the seat system marks the club’s recognition of the development of PEL events, and participates in the event ecology as a more stable and long-term partner. Peace E-sports has entered a new stage after two and a half years of exploration and development.

Liao Kan, Marketing Director of Tencent Game Photonics Studio Group and Chairman of the PEL Alliance, said that the content of the competition will be further made more exciting, and the entire ecology will be prosperous through the design of various systems. At the same time, adding different tracks allows many users and players who are interested in Peace Elite and growing up in the e-sports professional system to participate, and continue to show the charm of e-sports through events.

Text/Wang Hexuanyuan Yang Zi, All Media Reporter of Xi’an Press;Photo courtesy of the event organizer

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