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The 61-second video that went viral ‘looks like Nagita Slavina’ was policed, what’s in it?


61 second video called by netizen like artist Nagita Slavina create a scene in cyberspace. The video was reported to the police by the Indonesian Youth Congress (KPI). What’s in it?

“Where in the news that is already crowded now, he said there was a 61-second video allegedly by an artist, that is. The video contains elements of nudity with immoral content,” said KPI President Pitra Romadoni when contacted by reporters, Thursday (13/01/2022).

Therefore, Pitra reported the viral video to the Central Jakarta Metro Police. The report of the Indonesian Youth Congress is registered in the report numbered LP: B/100/I/2022/SPKT/Resort Jakpus/PMJ.

“Right, already his LP (Police Report) will be issued today,” he continued.

In the report, the Indonesian Youth Congress reported accounts spreading 61 second video that. Pitra attaches the evidence in her report.

“The evidence is video screen record Keep going url link of the account in question. At a time screenshot the alleged artist’s photos,” explained Pitra.

Regarding the exciting video that allegedly resembles one of the Indonesian artists, Pitra still doesn’t want to speculate. According to him, it is the duty of the police to prove whether the figure in the exciting video is an Indonesian artist.

Raffi-Nagita Denies 61 Seconds Video

Raffi Ahmad | denied that the figure in the video was his wife, Nagita Slavina or Gigi.

“This has been all over the place, I need clarification when it comes to my wife. It’s not Gigi. It’s crazy Gigi is like like that, “said Raffi Ahmad.

Even, Nagita Slavina also denied this. He admitted that he never recorded the immoral act.

“I don’t know, yeah, I’ve never recorded anything like that,” said Gigi.

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