The AIC policeman shot dead during a raid in Cagancha at 3200

This Saturday morning, the policeman from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) who had been shot in the Alvear neighborhood, a few meters from the Southwest District, died as part of a raid carried out by the security force in that area.

This is Joel Ruiz, 25, who suffered fromGunshot wounds to the left hemithorax in the middle of a raid carried out in Cagancha at 3200. He had worked in the police since 2018.

Sources consulted confirmed that he was the first agent to enter the home after the police raid and was shot. One of the projectiles entered through the axillary region and was what ended up causing his death, since the bulletproof vest does not provide coverage in that area of ​​the body.

With this death, the petty officer became the third homicide victim since Friday night.

Ruiz had entered the Heca operating room and was later admitted to intensive care with a respirator and in a pharmacological coma, but an hour later he died.

Joel Ruiz policeman assassinated.jpg

It was also reported from the crime scene that another man had committed suicide, so the investigators infer that it could be the attacker, although this information was not officially confirmed.

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On the other hand, on Seguí and Cerrillos boulevard, in the area known as Vía Honda, Eliseo Elías Romero, 23, was shot after 22, who entered the Clemente Alvarez and died at 5 this Saturday.

In another crime, after midnight on Friday, a woman was murdered inside a house in Presidente Roca at 5200, in the Tiro Suizo neighborhood.

They killed her with two different weapons: caliber caliber 40 and 357 Magnum and has not yet been identified.

In total, they are already 279 murders produced so far this year in the Rosario department. In the last three, the prosecutor Gastón Avila acts.

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