the alarming effects on our sleep and our mental health

An American study published by the British Medical Journalrevealed thatan infection with Covid-19 has serious consequences on the sleep and mental health of people who have contracted it. This would be all the more proven in the event of a long Covid. If since the pandemic, many people have suffered from anxiety disorders, due in particular to confinements, or to present persistent symptoms such as the loss of taste and smell, to this is added the sequelae of order cognitive into mental.

Physical effects, but also psychic

Indeed, 154,000 patients who had not had any treatment or diagnosis for a mental disorder in the two years preceding their infection participated in the study. According to the data collected, people who have contracted Covid-19 are 39% more likely to be treated for depression and 35% to be victims of anxiety. 38% develop stress and 41% are at risk of having trouble sleeping.

Note that there are more and more patients who consume antidepressants and anxiolytics. These same people would also have a higher risk of cognitive decline and developmental disorders. sleep (+41%). If the sequelae due to Covid-19 still remain mysterious, one can wonder if this disease might not be qualified as chronic.

An alarming finding on the consequences of the long Covid

The authors of the study are formal, Covid-19 and, in particular the long Covid, can cause serious mental sequelae in the long term. “It’s not just a respiratory virus”, they said. The long Covid syndrome is therefore not to be taken lightly.

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