The appearance of a bear, an unknown creature that walks in the night; The park authorities were surprised

Image of unknown creature | Photo:

A bear-like wildlife that roams the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas, US. The park authorities are surprised that the footage of such a wild animal walking has been recorded. The footage of the wildlife was captured on a game camera set up to capture the outdoors. The authorities also shared the picture on Facebook, which must have been a picture of what kind of creature it was. Is it a new species? Did you escape from the nearby zoo? Share your feelings with the Facebook note.

Bentzen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, under Texas Parks and Wildlife, shared the image of the wildlife on social media. The picture shows a four-legged creature walking through the park at night. If it’s not a bear, it’s definitely a park ranger costume; Someone’s comment is like this. The film received many other comments such as Nirnai, North American wolf….

After the comment and the pictures of the wildlife went viral on social media, the park authorities came forward with a response to the post. Many commented that it could be an American badger. Therefore, the response of the park authorities is that this may be a large American badger. But it is not the honey badger found in Africa and Asia. American badgers are a rare wildlife species in the park. But the authorities responded that the park is their natural habitat.

American badgers tend to have narrow necks. They have short tails and short legs. The body is grey. They are 23 cm long and weigh between 4 and 12 kg. They mainly eat rodents and bird eggs. They are active at night. Until then spend time in the burrow. American badgers hibernate underground for long periods during the winter

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