“A Woman Earning 8 Thousand Spends 5 Thousand on a Bag” – Al-Marsad Newspaper

Rima Khaled, a content creator and social media user who is interested in TikTokr, claimed that the middle class is hindering their own progress and that of the wealthy by being a major reason for the high prices. In a video clip, she explained that the middle class is a “not clear,” transparent group. She provided an example of a woman making 8 thousand, purchasing a 5 thousand bag, and boasting about her travels. In addition, Khaled expressed that the middle class imitates the rich class’ behavior, making it hard for them to become wealthy. According to her, the rich class possesses conviction and confidence, unlike the middle class. Furthermore, Khaled believes that it’s uncommon for a member of the middle-class to become wealthy.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Rima Khaled, the content creator and social media user interested in TikTokr, said that the middle class is sabotaging themselves and the rich class, considering that they are a major cause of high prices.

She added, in a video clip, that the middle class is a transparent, “not clear” layer. For example, a woman with a salary of 8 thousand buys a bag for 5 thousand and says she traveled here and there.

And she added that the middle class is a very beautiful class, and this class has become transparent (their actions and movements are as if they are a rich class).

And she continued: The rich class do not buy and do not travel like the middle class, because they have conviction and confidence.

She pointed out that the middle class is difficult to be rich, and it is rare to find one of its members rich, according to her.

In conclusion, Rima Khaled’s comments on the middle class and their spending habits have sparked a discussion about consumerism and financial responsibility. While some may agree or disagree with her viewpoints, it is important to consider the impact of our actions and how they contribute to the economy and society as a whole. Perhaps this can serve as a reminder to stay mindful of our spending habits and make choices that align with our values and goals.

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