The architecture of the future and the irruption of the metaverse

In Future 360 we address the most relevant content of the first day of Future Congressthe most important scientific event in Latin America.

In this special chapter, Paloma Ávila spoke with Marina Oteroarchitect and director of the Master in Social Design at the Eindhoven Design Academy, on the importance of decentralizing the human in architecture to think about design and the cities of the future.

Otero was present in block 16 “Architecture of coexistence” of Congreso Futuro 2023, scientific event that aims to include science and technology in everyday conversations. Through different topics, such as the science, humanities and technologythe exhibitors will take the stage until January 21 at the most important science outreach event in Latin America.

Secondly, We tell you all the details of the fifth day of Congreso Futuro 2023 and we review the activities that are being carried out in regions, to decentralize and democratize knowledge. This and more in the next chapter.

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