The Association of Depositors in response to the Association of Banks: It seeks to undermine the recovery plan

The Association of Depositors indicated that “after the Association of Banks, through its allies in Parliament earlier, torpedoed and destroyed Lazard’s plan, today it is working with the same tactic, as it claims to fear deposits, to blow up the proposed recovery plan, while it is only afraid for the members of its boards of directors. and its owners.”

And it considered in a statement, “The association seeks to blow up this plan, because it wants to continue working with the Riad Salameh financial plan, which bears all the burdens of the crisis for society in general and for small and medium depositors in particular, and it seeks to transfer state assets and property, to a sovereign fund, to reduce the losses of the banks themselves and from Then, through it, it pays the depositors’ money, so it takes responsibility for itself and floats its members again.”

The association confirmed that “the battle is clear and it is an existential war between two parties: the first is the state and all it represents of the people, rights and social protection, while the second party is the bankers and their friends the cartels and all the greed and insolence they represent,” pointing out that “the strife that the banking gang is aiming at. It is not the writing off of deposits, but rather the fear of a clear identification of the losses they have caused, and for which they will bear the responsibility of their property, capital, and the property and money of the chairpersons of its board of directors.

And on the recovery plan, the League called on the parliamentary blocs, especially the change-in deputies, to “adopt a financial plan that preserves human and social security, by protecting depositors, raising the deposit guarantee, and making sure that the proposed recovery plan will not sell any of the state’s assets, protecting public money and the savings of the Lebanese and holding responsibility.” Owners and shareholders of banks.

She concluded, stressing that she “was and still rejects any proposal for a sovereign fund, and calls for transparent scrutiny, comprehensive accountability, and a plan that guarantees the rights and savings of depositors.”

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