the Brazilian star arrived 3 hours late because he was taking a nap

A few seconds is all the fans of the Brazilian footballer were entitled to. They who had made an appointment this Saturday noon to try to see him. Some having waited for several hours. Others had come from far away (Liège, Coxyde…) to try to get a selfie or an autograph. Arriving an hour and a half behind the scheduled time, Ronaldinho, surrounded by his bodyguards, entered the restaurant directly, leaving a good hundred fans on the floor. “We would have liked to have him sign an autograph but hey, it doesn’t matter, I was able to film him up close, I was lucky,” explains Armandina, who came with her friends Mya and Milandro. “We live right next door and it would have been a shame not to come and see what was going on. We are not especially football fans but he is a star so…”

The nap of the star

While the arrival of Ronaldinho was also eagerly awaited on the side of Mons, the fans who came in large numbers were disillusioned this Saturday afternoon. Indeed, the icon of Brazilian football arrived no less than three hours late, which made the assistance present on the spot lose patience.

When we learn the reason for his delay, it’s even worse! The Brazilian was simply taking a siesta after eating at a restaurant in the city. What angered the fans present on the spot and to top it off, when he (finally) arrived, Ronaldinho only stayed four minutes on stage. An attitude deplored by the fans who made the trip to meet the Brazilian star.

If some fans have forgiven these star whims, it is not sure that they will swallow so easily the “Vin des Champions” that he had come to promote. The real purpose of his brief stay in Belgium, in fact.

But, there, we must not push the cork too far!

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