The Controversy Surrounding Neymar in Al-Hilal: Sports Journalist Adel Al-Mulhim Responds to Nasser Al-Shamrani’s Statements

2023-09-19 09:14:01

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Adel Al-Mulhim responded to the statements of former Al-Hilal player Nasser Al-Shamrani, regarding his recent statements about the presence of Brazilian Neymar in Al-Hilal Club.

Al-Shamrani appeared in a video clip while watching the match between Al-Hilal and Nafbakhor of Uzbekistan, saying: “Neymar is a burden on the team, by God.”

Al-Mulhim responded to Al-Shamrani’s statements via his account on the X platform: Captain Nasser, a player who cost hundreds of millions. Is it possible that he has become a burden on the team?

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