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The state secret on the Autogrill case, the new death threats to 007 and the lead to a new dossier. The story of the meeting between DIS number two Marco Mancini and the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, on 23 December 2020, when the Conte government risked falling at the hands of the senator of Rignano. Because the new implications of a story that remained obscure but never dormant, to the point that the newspaper revealed revelations on the questions that would have pushed the then head of the Dis Elisabetta Belloni to oppose state secrecy, open up scenarios that would link an espionage system to Consip. affair. It is no coincidence that the protagonists of the meeting at the service station are Mancini, in the crosshairs of his own colleagues for the rigorous management of intelligence funds, and Renzi, whose father, Tiziano, was investigated for influence trafficking, and acquitted. , in that investigation, which told of a million-dollar order from the public administration purchasing centre.

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In the trial, among the defendants, the former major of the Noe carabinieri, Gian Paolo Scafarto, head of the investigative team on the Consip case and accused of having revealed to the deputy director of the Fatto Quotidiano, Marco Lillo, the content of the declarations made by the former CEO Luigi Marroni to the prosecutors of Naples, in addition to the information on the registration of Tullio Del Sette in the register of suspects, an act covered by secrecy. Scafarto even falsified information by attributing the phrase “Renzi, the last time I met him” to the entrepreneur Alfredo Romeo, rather than to the former parliamentarian Italo Bocchino, who collaborated with Romeo at the time. In short, a behavior, that of the former major, which according to the magistrates was aimed, through the commission of “horrors of certain criminal importance”, at bringing Renzi’s father into play in the investigation. Serious accusations for an investigator who joined Captain Ultimo’s team, Sergio De Caprio, for which he was sentenced, a couple of weeks ago, to one year and six months, in the same trial that acquitted Renzi Sr. and also Luca Lots. But what do the activities against the leader of Italia Viva have to do with Marco Mancini? The answer is in a file, called «Mancini.docx», which Scafarto himself sent to Capitano Ultimo when he was at Aise.

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That document, sent via email, was a sort of dossier, which contained information on the counter-espionage big man and his relationships with Bocchino. Interviewed in 2018 by the journalist Annalisa Chirico on Il Foglio, the carabiniere was unable to explain why he had sent a dossier on 007 to De Caprio. “I do not know. I swear, I don’t remember. Maybe I must have given it to him briefly in the previous months, he will have missed them, as often happened to him, and I will have sent them back to him. But there is no crime”, Scafarto had guaranteed, underlining, among other things, that “at the Aise De Caprio held a strategic position of control over the work of the military. That file opens up an insight into the operating methods of our agents abroad, it is information transmitted de relato, through the mouth of Bocchino. I can’t say more.” If at the time the declarations had remained relegated to internal matters, today those words take on relevant profiles.

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And they open up the consistency of a feud between spies whose primary objective was Mancini himself, the man who managed the services’ money and who was preparing to reach the top of the Dis. Even more so considering that Mancini himself was under guard for death threats which, based on a series of elements, would have been packaged within the security agencies. Threats that have never ended, given that last February 6th, a new letter arrived at Mancini’s home, sent from Rome on January 25th, which follows the style of past intimidations. “You will end up like Saleh al Arouri”, is the message composed of letters from newspaper clippings, to announce to 007 the same death that the Israeli Mossad made Hamas’ number two do. And that places Mancini, and his entire family, in a high-risk situation, given that due to the motorway service scandal, 007 was sent into early retirement by the then Undersecretary with Delegation for Services Franco Gabrielli. And his escort was revoked.

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