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On October 4th, the Double Ninth Festival coincided with the National Day holiday. In order to appeal to more young people to pay attention to the inner needs of the elderly, Dajia Insurance Group continued the theme of “Chongyang Festival, not out of touch” last year, and the cross-border comedy IP Happy Twist launched the creative micro-movie ” “The Planet Does Not Walk Alone”, practice the “active concept of aging”, and help a new generation of elderly to move forward, not to be out of touch with the society, and not out of touch with their parents. At the same time, the topic of #Chongyang Festival is not out of touch # was launched simultaneously online, and offline public welfare activities for the elderly were carried out in many places across the country.

Cross-border Happy Twist launched the micro-movie “The Planet Does Not Walk Alone”

Dajia Insurance and Happy Twist launched the fantasy pension micro-movie “The Planet Does Not Walk Alone”, boldly selecting the future time of 2084 to start the narrative. In the short film, the moon has become a habitable planet, and the lunar sojourn has become popular.

The micro-movie starts from the familiar scene of three generations of a family getting along with each other, and unfolds the narrative with the turning point of grandfather’s “moon sojourn” as a turning point. In the technology-savvy DaJieyue pension community, its configuration and services can be described as “unthinkable, but not impossible”. Gymnasium, Interstellar Games, Moon Reading Day, UFO driving school, Moon Community Mahjong Hall… A wealth of elderly care activities constantly refreshes old cognitions. Frequent switching of multiple scenes has broken most people’s perceptions about elderly care and the elderly. of stereotypes.

The “new vitality old man” who dared to pursue self-worth in the micro-film, coupled with the humorous and absurd narration of Happy Twist, impressed the audience and gained a lot of reflection. The new generation of elderly people have a positive outlook on aging, they do not accept the old, they do not recognize the old, and they are “not out of touch”. They live worthy and dignified lives, at the same frequency as society and at the same frequency as their children.

Through the cross-border cooperation with Happy Twist, Dajia Insurance aims to deepen the connotation of “Chongyang Festival, not out of touch” in the witty story narrative: break the traditional definition of an aging society, and encourage the active elderly to pursue a valuable “second life” ”, advocating that parents should not be out of touch with society, children should not be out of touch with their parents, and they should be more accompanied and understood.

Online and offline linkage to explore new models of old-age care and support for the elderly

In conjunction with the release of the short film, DaJia Insurance launched a topic activity of “Chongyang Festival, not out of touch” on Weibo. The topic was forwarded and interacted by many media and enterprises such as Daily Economic News and Happy Twist, which aroused the attention and heated discussion of the majority of netizens. Through topic guidance, more people paid attention to the spiritual world of the elderly. Dajia Insurance has also introduced more new ideas for the pension industry through in-depth discussions on pension topics, so that the whole society pays more attention to the elderly.

Offline, DaJia Insurance took the Double Ninth Festival as an opportunity to cooperate with the China Charity Federation to carry out a series of public welfare activities to help the elderly, such as family guarding training, everyone’s dream plan, and everyone’s love, so as to popularize the knowledge and skills of caring for the elderly and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly. It is expected that more than 2,000 elderly people across the country will benefit from it. The event runs from the end of September to the end of December.

According to the data reported by the National Health and Medical Commission, around 2035, my country’s elderly population aged 60 and above will exceed 400 million, entering a stage of severe aging. In the context of an increasingly aging population, the society still generally defines the Double Ninth Festival as the “Senior’s Day”, which advocates respecting and loving the elderly. However, the new generation of elderly people have new concepts. They generally do not regard themselves as elderly people. In their hearts, they do not want to celebrate the “Old Man’s Day”. They do not accept the old and do not recognize the old. accompany.

In 2021, Dajia Insurance put forward the concept of “Chongyang Festival, not out of touch”, focusing on the issues of “intergenerational integration” and “digital divide” of the elderly, advocating that the elderly should not be out of touch with society, and their children should not be out of touch with the elderly at home. This year, Dajia Insurance has continued this theme, making it more energetic and active, and focusing more on the new pension values ​​of the elderly’s uncompromising love for life. At the same time, from the perspective of young people, it reminds the younger generation to understand more about the real needs of the elders, respect their choices, emphasize the importance of family companionship, revisit the label of “elderly”, and help the elderly to start a wonderful “second life” .

The elderly need more attention from the whole society. Everyone Insurance has always paid attention to the inner needs of the elderly, advocated the establishment of a “positive view of aging”, and emphasized the importance of family companionship and social value to the elderly. Through the series of activities of “Chongyang Festival, not out of touch”, it is hoped that the public’s awareness of pensions will be iteratively updated. In terms of values, it is hoped that the elderly will not be out of touch with society; in terms of family values, it is hoped that the younger generation will not be out of touch with their elders.

Since its establishment, DaJia Insurance has always regarded pensions as the core strategy of the group, launched a professional pension brand “DaJia’s Home”, and completed the layout of three pension product lines in China, namely “City Heart Medical Care”, “Sojourn Recuperation” and “Home Care” : 5 high-quality continuous care and elderly care communities have been built in Beijing’s East 3rd Ring Road, South 2nd Ring Road, West 2nd Ring Road, the core old city of Nanchang City, and the center of Tai’an Road in Tianjin; Project; in Beijing No. 33 Foreign Affairs Street, Xinhua News Agency Huangtingzi Discovery Home Care Center, providing high-quality elderly care services for more than 2,000 seniors. Everyone Insurance will work with the industry and society to build an elderly care service system that is safe, free, happy and loving, so that the elderly can be “supported”, “reliant” and “happy” in old age.

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