the effective exercise to eliminate it, so it can be done

In general, the most common cause of a double chin is excess submental fat, which is found under the skin and above the platysma muscle. This muscle is characterized by being flat, divided into two halves and It is located from the lower lip and the mandibular border to the clavicle.

Likewise, jowls are caused due to loose skin, large digastric muscles, low hyoid bone, large submandibular glands, and excess superficial fat. To treat this problem, which is purely aesthetic, many people resort to aesthetic surgical procedures such as cervical contouring surgery or cervical lifting.

Dr. Moisés Martín Anaya, an expert in cosmetic surgery, points out for the web portal Hola, that the appearance of double chin is a problem related to genetic inheritance and can also be treated with specific exercises. For this reason, the aforementioned portal explains some useful exercises to eliminate double chin and that should be done on a daily basis to obtain better results quickly:

head back

Initially, you should tilt your head back and gaze straight back. In this position, push your lower jaw forward to feel your chin stretch and hold for 10 seconds. Next, you should relax your jaw and repeat the exercise again.

ball exercise

To start, you need to place a small ball under your chin with the help of your hands and then press your chin against the ball. It is advisable to repeat this exercise 25 times every day.

lip exercise

The first thing you should do is tilt your head back and then keep your gaze fixed on your chest. Then, she purses her lips as if she wants to kiss the ceiling and keep her forehead relaxed when performing this exercise.

Facial exercise to reduce jowls and cheeks – Photo: Photo: ¡Stock

exercise with tongue

With your head facing forward, you should stick your tongue out as far as you can and then lift it up trying to touch your nose. This position should be maintained for 10 seconds and after that time, relax the tongue and repeat it again.

neck stretch

You should tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Next, you must press your tongue against the palate and hold this position for 10 seconds before returning to the starting position.

jaw exercise

Tilt your head back and keep your eyes on the ceiling, then turn your head to the right. Next, slide your lower jaw forward for 10 seconds, then release slightly. This process should be repeated with the left head.

As such, these facial gymnastics exercises not only help combat the appearance of double chin, but also contribute to the prevention of neck wrinkles. It is worth mentioning that the face is made up of 50 muscles that need to be exercised to prevent sagging and loss of skin elasticity.

In addition to this, facial gymnastics is ideal to improve cell regeneration, rejuvenate facial tissue and oxygenate and tone the muscles of the face. It is also essential to have a correct diet, because eating foods with saturated fats increases body weight and causes excess fat to accumulate in the neck and other parts of the body.

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