The famous actress in a touching message to her late mother: I was deprived of your prayers (photos)

2023-12-17 21:28:36
Actress Nahed El Sebaei sent a touching message to her late mother, producer Nahed Farid Shawqi, who passed away recently.

Through the “Story” feature on the social networking site “Instagram,” Nahid Al-Sibai published a photo of her with her mother, and commented on it, saying: “My mother was deprived of your prayers for me, but I will keep praying for you until the last breath of my life, my beloved,” and she continued, saying: “Oh God, have mercy.” And pardon and pardon my mother and make her one of those promised Paradise.”

Nahid Al-Sibai mourned her late mother with a message, in which she said: “Survival is for those who have permanence. She passed away, to God’s mercy, my mother and all my life. Nahed Farid Shawqi. The funeral is in the afternoon, the Sheikh Zayed Police Mosque. Survival and permanence belong to God alone.” She continued: “Goodbye, Faridah, farewell to Hanim, my daughter-in-law.” The best successor to the best predecessor. Leave me strong alone, mother, nothing has meaning without you. You are my whole life and my whole life has been for you and with you. Oh God, forgive my mother and have mercy on her. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

Rania Farid Shawqi bid farewell to her older sister, “from the father,” Nahid Farid Shawqi, and said: We belong to God and to Him we shall return. To God is what He gives and to God is what He takes, and everything is with Him in measure.. My great producer sister, Mrs. Nahed Farid Shawqi, has passed away. The funeral prayer is in the afternoon. Sheikh Zayed Police Mosque.

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