The famous clairvoyant Laila Abdel Latif predicts very painful events and unfortunate predictions that will make millions cry… and the audience is in shock.!! (Video)

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New expectations for Laila Abdel Latif: The end of Ramadan will not come, otherwise the dollar will reach 30 or more, and after Ramadan, it will reach 50 or more… and a sudden interruption of the Internet!

Laila Abdel Latif appeared on her YouTube channel, launching new fiery expectations, here are the most prominent of them: Lebanese: The Beirut Stock Exchange is witnessing, during the next stage, a crazy rise in the dollar exchange rate, and we will be in front of a shocking number that may exceed 30 or 50 thousand pounds.

Lebanon is witnessing a severe interruption of some foodstuffs and medicines, with a sudden interruption of the Internet in most Lebanese cities and regions. The electricity crisis will be difficult in the coming months, but at the end of the months of 2022 there will be a breakthrough.

The Lebanese army will receive large financial aid, not only military.
She indicated that she had previously expected a crime to happen, the victims of which would be from the same family, in reference to the Ansar crime.

Arab and International:

Russia is developing a new and terrifying weapon that we will hear about for the first time, which makes the world in a state of shock, caution and anticipation, and may lead to the transfer of the Russian conflict to another place after Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will restore Russia’s glories, and victory in Ukraine will belong to Russia.
Afflicted countries are announced around the world due to major events, including Sudan, countries in Africa and some European countries, due to natural and humanitarian disasters and the war of Russia and Ukraine.

Attention will turn to Bahrain because of an unfortunate event.

A huge fire broke out in one of the important buildings or centers in London.

The spread of typhoid, scabies and plague in some countries of the world due to germs and wars.

Scenes of fire, flame and smoke we will see rising and covering a place in the State of Kuwait.

Sadness and mourning hang over the atmosphere of the Arabian Gulf, and the stations of the Gulf states broadcast the Holy Qur’an due to the departure of a great and important Gulf figure. The electricity crisis will be difficult in the coming months, but at the end of the months of 2022 there will be a breakthrough. From President Bashar al-Assad.

President Assad loses one of the personalities close to him.

A phone call is taking place between President al-Assad and the Saudi leadership, and the winds of Saudi-Syrian rapprochement will appear to the public with the return of the Sin-Sin language in the next stage.

Damascus International Airport is witnessing unusual air traffic, due to the arrival of Arab and foreign delegations from several countries for dialogue and understanding with Assad.

Syria will regain its previous position and active presence within the international political system, and we will see it sit at the top of change and stability.

Assad will visit Egypt, Kuwait and Algeria, and we will see him in several Arab countries

Oil and gas prices will witness further rise, which will lead to global catastrophes of anger.

Scenes of stifling traffic in front of banks in Europe, with large cases of chaos due to some upcoming developments in some European countries.

An economic war and an unprecedented collapse of the US dollar around the world, and gold will be stronger than the dollar.

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