The “Financial Market” announces a qualification program for graduates with a salary of up to 14,000 riyals..disclosure of the terms of submission and the required specializations

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Capital Market Authority has announced the date of submission (men/women) in the (Capital Market Authority to Rehabilitate Outstanding Graduates 2023) Batch (Eleventh), according to the details shown below.

Benefits and Compensation:

1- A monthly stipend according to the academic degree as follows:

Bachelor’s degree (12,000) riyals.

Master’s degree/higher diploma (14,500) riyals.

2- Registration in social insurance.

3- Medical insurance for the trainee and his family members.

4- Attending training courses within the authority.

5- Compensation for fees for specific professional certificates.

6- Personal and professional development.

7- Gain distinct experiences in the field of the financial market.

Required Specialties:

– Finance.

– Investment.

Corporate finance.

– Finance and Banking.

– Trade finance.

– asset Management.

Financial technology.

– Law.

– Systems.

– Financial Law.

– Commercial Law.

– international law.

Judicial studies.

– Rights.

– Commitment and legislation.

Forensic accounting.

– Accounting.

– Financial Accounting.

– Review and audit.

Accounting systems.

Financial technology.

– HR.

– Public Administration.

– Business Management.

– Risk Management.

– Public relations.

– media.


– the press.

Systems engineering.

– Industrial engineering.

– Project Management.

– Economy.

Data science.

– Electronic Engineering.

– Computer Engineering.

– Information Systems.

Management information systems.

– Computer Science.

– information technology.

– Network Engineering.

– Information Security.

– Software Engineering.

– Artificial intelligence.

Data science.

– And another.

Training Advantages

1- On-the-job training (OJT).

2- Functional rotation.

3- Personal guidance and counseling.

4- Internal training programs and seminars.

5- Introductory and discussion sessions.

6- Participation in meetings.

7- Presentation and delivery.

Conditions for passing the program:

At the end of the program, the trainees receive a certificate approved by the authority, provided that the following requirements are met:

1- Participant work report: submitting a weekly report on the skills and knowledge learned by the trainee according to the form designated for that.

2- Participant performance evaluation: The trainee’s performance is evaluated periodically by the training supervisor.

3- Passing the General Certificate in Securities Dealing Exam (CME1): The trainee obtained the certificate during the duration of the program.

4- Submission of a working paper or project at the end of the program: The trainee submits a worksheet that includes an evaluation of his experience in the program or a project within the scope of the Commission’s work.

5- Full-time commitment: The work system is applied to cases of absence without excuse during the program period.

6- Commitment to the rules of professional conduct: The trainee must fully comply with the rules of professional conduct in the Authority.

Submission conditions:

1- Full-time.

2- The applicant must be a Saudi national.

3- The bachelor’s, master’s or higher diploma in the required disciplines must be issued or approved by the Ministry of Education, and an official letter stamped from the university may be submitted indicating the date of graduation and obtaining the certificate.

4- The general academic average should be not less than (very good) or its equivalent.

5- The applicant’s age should not be more than:

– Bachelor graduates of 27 Gregorian years, i.e. those born after 10/15/95 CE.

For graduates of the Master’s degree, they are 30 Gregorian years old, meaning those born after 10/15/1992 AD.

6- Submitting an English language level test result, provided that the scores are not less than the required levels (IELTS 5) or (STEP 83) or its equivalent.

7- Submitting the result of (general aptitude test) or (aptitude test for university students) approved by the National Center for Measurement.

8- Passing the official interviews.

9- Graduates of foreign universities are exempted from the English language requirement, if the language of study is English.

10- If the applicant is a graduate of a university listed among the “top 100 universities” in the world, according to the QS classification issued during the past three years, the application process will be shortened:

Matching the basic conditions.

Personal interviews.

11- One of the elements of the trade-off, as the high degree increases the competitive advantage of the applicant.

Submission deadline:

– Soon – the Authority’s program to qualify outstanding graduates – the eleventh batch – will be announced in January 2023.

How to apply:

Through the following link: Press here

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