The first 71 km of the Milk Route are in their final stage

Asunción, IP Agency.- Lot 2 of the Milk Route begins to travel its final stretch with more than 90% progress. There are 71.47 kilometers of this work that includes asphalt paving and improvement with basic works of 184.5 km of roads in the Paraguayan Chaco.

Lot 2 covers the Pioneers Crossing -Paratodo, from km 48.4 the Parathodo – Douglas Crossing section to km 5.1; the access to Campo Aceval and the section Campo Aceval – Cruce Infante Ávalos Sánchez, from km 0 to km

This front is in charge of the Chaco Central Consortium (formed by the companies Benito Roggio e Hijos SA – LT SA), with the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) being responsible for the project. Financing is provided by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Lot 1 covers the Cruce de los Pioneros section up to km 48.4 of the trunk section, including the accesses to Santa Cecilia and Lolita.

Lot 3 has two sectors: the first is Paratodo – Douglas Crossing from km 5.1 and the second sector involves the Campo Aceval – Infante Ávalos Sánchez Crossing section from km 29.5.

The completion of this work will allow for a high-quality road infrastructure that will optimize travel times, facilitating the movement of loads between production and consumption areas, even in rainy seasons, thereby reducing the loss of thousands of liters of milk. -for example- will be a thing of the past.

It will also allow the transfer of people to different points in the region, thus consolidating an agro-industrial and logistics corridor that will substantially increase the productivity of the Western Region and will be key for intraregional and global trade.

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2024-04-20 22:18:54

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