The first station of the BRT bus on the ring road.. Photos

The Ministry of Transport is implementing the frequency bus project on the ring road, and the seventh day publishes pictures of the Salam station (the peace stop for the regions), on the ring road, and it is the first station to be implemented.

The ring road around Greater Cairo is the first Egyptian road on which BRT buses will operate after the completion of the road development and the completion of the construction of its stations.

The implementation of the first 10 stations of the BRT system, for which the architectural and construction drawings have been completed, have been started, including the stations: Suez, Asher parking, Al-Marg, Mostorod, Bahteem, and the intersection of the Ring Road with Cairo-Alexandria agricultural, and where the road will become 6 lanes for owners, then an internal lane designated for BRT buses, bringing the total to 7 lanes in each direction, except for the Munib Bridge, which will total 8 lanes in each direction.

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