The golfer Ángel “Pato” Cabrera was granted probation

2023-08-04 15:15:24

The golfer Ángel “Pato” Cabrera, convicted twice for gender violence, regains his freedom this Friday.

Judge Cristóbal Laje Ross said that “has evolved positively” when explaining the reason for which he was granted parole.

Psychological tests have been carried out that show an evolution in relation to the perception of issues of gender violence. The expert conclusions have been positive in this regard.said in statements broadcast by Miter Cordoba.

He further stated that “lThe victims have agreed”. “They have not repaired and expressed any type of violence, fear or fear. Yes, of course, with the prohibition of maintaining contact with them of any kind “added Laje Ross.

The order granting the golfer probation will become effective during this day.


Cabrera had been sentenced in July 2021 to two years in effective prison for the attacks on his ex-partner Cecilia Torres Mana.

In November 2022, he received a new sentence of two years in prison for gender violence to the detriment of Torres Mana and his last partner Micaela Escudero.

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