The Heartwarming Story of Saad’s Reunion with his Father After 27 Years

2023-11-12 17:21:14

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti security journalist Abu Talal Al-Hamrani narrated the story of the father of Snapchat celebrity Sarah Al-Wadaani, and how he lost his father for 27 years and his Iraqi mother was absent from him months after his birth.

The story of Saad’s father

Al-Hamrani published the story on his YouTube account, and said that it goes back to a Saudi young man from Aflaj named Saleh who moved when he was 5 years old with his father to Dammam in 1940, and life was difficult in the Gulf.

Moving to Kuwait

When Saleh was 25 years old, he decided to travel to Kuwait to work there. He actually moved and worked as a bus driver to transport students to school there.

Work on a farm

Then he wanted to develop himself, so he looked for a farm to work on in Kuwait and began planting, producing, and selling, and God opened it to him, and his income became high.

Marrying a divorced Iraqi woman

He decided to get married, so he met a divorced Iraqi woman who had a daughter named Maryam Al-Tuwarish. He married her to a sheikh without officially documenting the papers, and she lived with him on the farm.

He had an accident and fell into a coma

One day, he went down from Wafra to Kuwait City to buy something for the farm. He was involved in an accident and was taken to Al-Sabah Hospital. He was in a complete coma for 5 weeks.

When he disappeared for a long time, his wife and daughter were there, in addition to his young son, Saad. She could not stay alone on the farm. She asked about him everywhere but could not find him. She asked herself: Did he run away and leave her, or did something happen to him?

Maryam moves to Iraq

Here she decided to move to live with her family in Iraq until he appeared. When she arrived at the airport and they asked her for “Saad’s” papers, she only had a birth certificate and did not have a passport. He was Saudi and she was Iraqi, so they refused to let him go with her and took the boy and she and her daughter left for Iraq.


The boy was handed over to the government customs agency, then transferred to the orphanage in Kuwait until the Saudi embassy in Kuwait contacted them, and after a while he moved to an orphanage that collects lost people and those who have no family.

Ifaq Saleh

After 5 weeks, Saleh recovered, but did not remember anything. After two months, he remembered the location of his farm, but he could not leave due to suspected gangrene in the foot, and the foot had to be amputated, but he went to another place in Iraq and his foot was treated without amputation.

When he went to his family on the farm, he did not find them, so he kept looking for them everywhere until he arrived at the passport office, and they told him the story of his wife.

Searching for his wife

He traveled to Iraq and continued searching for his wife in the three countries of Kuwait, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

Adopt “Saad”

When the boy, “Saad,” was 5 years old in foster care, someone came to officially adopt him. Over time, this person had boys and girls, and when he told him the truth when he reached the age of youth, he suffered a psychological crisis, after which he entered university to complete his studies.

The story of Saad’s search for his family

When he reached the age of 27, one of his friends heard him that he belonged to a well-known family in Saudi Arabia and that he had old papers proving this in the orphanage in Al-Ahsa. It so happened that his friend’s relative worked in this shelter, so they went together to search for her, and indeed, after a week, the employee found his birth certificate with all his information.

He went to Civil Affairs to search for his father, Saleh. They told him that his father was alive and working in the port of Dammam, so he and his friends went to search for him and found him there.

The touching meeting

When they arrived at the place, they met the director and he told them of the need to prepare for the father, Saleh, so that he would not be shocked. So he was invited and they sat in a place, and when the director asked him, “If you saw your son, would you know him?” He stood up from his seat and said, “This is my son Saad.” They hugged each other and continued crying.

When Saad asked him about proof that he was his son, he told him that when he was young, he was sick, so he was burned with fire in three places, in the back of the head and the foot. Each one told his story to the other, and before the father’s death, he advised his son to search for his mother and sister.

It is noteworthy that “Al-Youm” newspaper published the story of “Saad” and his meeting with his father, Saleh, in 1994, and the first meeting between them after an absence of 27 years, while his Iraqi mother has not been found yet.

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