The Humane Stance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman towards Homeless Saudi Citizen Ahmed Haroun in Canada

2023-06-08 13:41:15

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The homeless Saudi citizen in the streets of Canada, Ahmed Haroun, shared a video clip of him, mentioning the humane stance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman towards him, after 10 years of insulting and insulting the kingdom and its symbols.

And Haroun directed at the beginning of the clip, please, to every Saudi man and woman to delete all the offensive clips that he shared over the past 10 years against the Kingdom, saying: “Out of chivalry and honor, I say what happened with me, and this is a human and moral duty, and this will be my last clip.” I will also delete all clips and close my account after a week.

“Haroun” explained that an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called him, and told him that His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, knew about his condition, and said only two words, “They reassured me of his daughters and did not limit them to anything.”

“Haroun” commented on the humane attitude of the Crown Prince towards his daughters, saying: “After the whole world left me, after 10 years of increasing and repeated insults on my part against the state, the whole world left me. The one who cares about my daughters is Mohammed bin Salman.”

“Haroun” confirmed that he feels ashamed of himself and of his abusive behavior, saying: “I am ashamed of myself and I do not find words. I was really unable to know your metal, O Ibn Salman. They say that gold is the most precious metal, but you are more precious than gold.”

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