The Importance of Prayer: Insights from Pope Francis and the Global Prayer Network

2024-01-26 18:48:37

Pope Francis spoke about the importance of prayer during his meeting with members of the Global Prayer Network on January 26th.

C. Rubini Chinnappan CTC, Vatican News

During a meeting with members of the Pope’s global prayer network known as the Audience of Prayer, the Pope thanked them for their visit and emphasized that their work is ecclesiastical and formed from the Church of Jesus.

The Pope shared that if a believer, deacon, priest, monk or bishop carries out their apostolic work properly, the need for prayer and intercession will be strongly experienced.

The Pope said that even if an action is apostolic, if it is not prayerful, it is just a discourse and added that prayer gives meaning to our apostolate.

After electing the deacons, Saint Peter told them that bishops are to devote themselves to prayer and the preaching of the word, and therefore the first duty of a bishop is prayer, just like that of a Christian. Otherwise, the Pope warned of the danger of the Church becoming a purely natural and worldly institution that functions like a political function.

The Pope concluded his message by thanking them for what they do to support this yogic vision of prayer in the Church – among the laity, the consecrated and the anointed.

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