The Influencer Who Redefines Beauty Standards

2023-11-25 16:05:02

Stop the diktats of thinness…

Many of them become anxious as soon as they gain a few extra pounds, often feeling guilty about having devoured that last piece of cake. Suffice to say that wearing a bikini can quickly become a horrible ordeal for all these women, self-conscious to death, who hide behind their sarong or impose a drastic diet before going to the beach. At the opposite end of this collective frustration, Brazilian Carla Thais has chosen to embrace her excess pounds and reconcile with her body. There is no question of hiding, on the contrary, she embraces her excess weight with pride. She loves its shapes and even uses them at will. It has become a bit of its business, its signature, its charming asset.

His fight ? Fight against the aesthetic standards imposed by the fashion and beauty industry. The young woman has always understood that, behind this industry, lies a subliminal message which tends to enslave women. Where the dictates of beauty reign, there also reigns the quest for an ideal of perfection which does not exist. However, the two pillars that support this entire industry are none other than youth and thinness. Carla refuses to be a puppet by following this toxic and unhealthy ideology to the letter. There is no question of adhering to these standards which make women believe that one must be young and thin to appear beautiful and attractive. Fortunately, she is not the only one to have this awareness. In recent years, many celebrities have begun to resist classic standards of beauty, proudly displaying their luscious and sensual shapes, like the singer Lizzo or the model Ashley Graham. This has even pushed major luxury brands to revise their criteria to gradually ban discrimination and introduce more inclusiveness into their policy. It must also be said that these days, catwalks and magazines no longer rule the roost. Social media has now become an alternative landscape, with its own rules, clearly shaking things up.

…Place au « body positive » !

Thais Carla wearing a bikini – Source: spm

On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tik Tok, more and more “strong” women are revealing their shapes without complexes. If some are sometimes exasperated, even disturbed, by the toxic concept of “body shaming” (a cruel practice which consists of humiliating and making fun of a person), Carla no longer pays attention to haters or negative comments on her body. On her Instagram account, the Brazilian describes herself as part of the movement “ activism for the obese “. Comfortable in her skin and in her head, the young woman does not hesitate to celebrate her voluptuous shapes by regularly publishing photos of them in sexy outfits or in swimsuits. She thus displays her enormous self-confidence, proving to the world that she loves her curves and that she is proud of her figure. A fervent follower of the “body positive” concept, she advocates self-acceptance for better self-esteem. And, too bad, if it doesn’t please everyone!

Thais Carla and her girlfriend

Thais Carla and her girlfriend – Source: spm

Originally a dancer, before becoming a plus-size model and influencer, she is often acclaimed for her positive state of mind and envied for her uninhibited attitude. Her strength is precisely in not putting up barriers: she dresses as she wants, without censorship or modesty. Proud of her shape, she frequently posts dance videos where she is often praised for her energy, her good vibes and her desire to break down prejudices. In fact, many of his posts quickly go viral, garnering millions of views and thousands of likes.

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Feel good about yourself, despite your extra pounds!

Thais Carla showing her shapes

Thais Carla showing her shapes – Source: spm

At 32, this young mother wants to show her followers that she can be happy, even if she does not have the “ideal” body and even if she does not meet the criteria imposed by fashion designers. So yes, she has tons of bulges and cellulite everywhere, but when you love your figure, you no longer spend your time focusing on your flaws and imperfections. One of her recent publications proves it: we see her wearing a pretty bikini that sticks to her skin. Why would the thong be exclusively reserved for thin women whose buttocks are very firm? Too bad if hers are flabby, if her stomach is plump and if her skin hangs here and there… she has now gotten used to her body and she likes it as it is.

Thais Carla wearing a swimsuit

Thais Carla wearing a swimsuit – Source: spm

And what appeals to us when we look at her photos is that she poses proudly, without any complexes and without the slightest modesty. “ The standard of beauty is to be happy! », writes Carla to caption her publication posted on her Instagram. Everything is said and we understand better where his confidence comes from.

Thais Carla wearing a swimsuit1

Thais Carla wearing a swimsuit – Source: spm

As she mentions on her Instagram profile, the young woman volunteered to take on the role of ambassador and be the spokesperson for curvy women who take responsibility and who are not afraid to reveal themselves to the world such as they are. She also seeks to inspire other women, all those who still struggle to accept themselves and who have low self-esteem. The revolution is underway: no more shame and restraint, tall people must now assert themselves in society, with pride and confidence. Because they are worth it !

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