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Today, big banditry in the neighborhoods. Good reading !

These last decades have been hell for the inhabitants of Gabon who are experiencing psychosis. Gabonese cities are gradually transforming into veritable urban jungles where the strongest “eat” the weakest.

Libreville and Port-Gentil, the two capitals, are a good example of this insecurity which, every day, explodes everywhere.

Like a locust invasion, gangs roam our streets and burst into our homes under the helpless gaze of individuals who are paid to ensure our security.

Without going into sickly exaggeration as some idiots would be tempted to think who, from the depths of their fortresses under high security, are far from knowing the reality on the ground, one thing is certain, in around twenty years, if nothing is done, Gabon runs the risk of prancing at the top of the top 10 countries where the statistical curves in terms of crime climb exponentially every day.

Thus, Gabon could play in the pool of countries like Haiti, the United States, South Africa and Nigeria which have reached a record crime rate. Unless you stick your head in the sand and don’t admit it.

Blood crimes and armed robberies undermine our social comfort and give us insomnia. Not a day goes by without the press reporting cases of crimes committed by this breeding ground of bandits.

The latest incident is this knife attack perpetrated under the old RTG interchange and which cost the life of a young lady and mother on April 2, 2024.

The young delinquent who murdered Jessica is, we are told, a habitual criminal. On his face, nay, his portrait published by the press, we see a man a little over twenty years old, with a haggard look that had all the appearance of a psychopath under the influence of illicit substances. sold on the black market.

Listening to his confessions, master of the evidence, which are of a consistency worthy of a serial killer, we discover, astounded, that he had already ended the lives of a dozen people for the “liberation of their souls,” he said with dignity. These crimes, according to him, are the result of a divine “revelation”.

How was such a public danger able to escape from the cracks of the police and perpetrate so many crimes with disconcerting ease?

However, he was known to the “S” file, services specializing in tracking down organized crime since he had already been imprisoned on July 6, 2022! Would legal follow-up have failed? Would an electronic bracelet have done the trick? A confidence. The Senegalese are experimenting with it. A first in West Africa. An alternative to prison.

Coincidentally with this crime, 562 convicts have just benefited from a presidential pardon. Among them, we find inveterate robbers and repeat offenders. We also find those unjustly imprisoned either for facial crimes, abuse of authority, assault, settling of scores, some were perhaps there, or in the wrong place and at the wrong time, added to that summarily carried out investigations having caused harm to many of them.

All are grateful for the gesture, oh so salutary, of the messiah Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema who performed an act of great kindness, and are even ready to give their lives in the service of his eternity in power and to pray for his ‘‘nobelization’.

Since they were pardoned, we see people with weathered faces and eyes as if tinted with red anchor, wandering day and night, in the hubs of our neighborhoods.

Narcotics, barbiturates and hard drugs, are now sold just in time by the Lebanese and Nigerian networks. They consume it openly as if Gabon had already legalized the consumption of these prohibited substances.

After shooting up drugs, they arm themselves with their “work tools” and set out, like wild animals, in search of prey. We are now seeing a boom in robberies. Going outside after dark is planned suicide.

The Central Anti-Drug Office (OCLAD), the Anti-Criminal Brigade (BAC), the Special Unit, give me the impression of swimming in juice. These three entities are seemingly overwhelmed by the rise of organized crime.

At this rate, as the State struggles to ensure the security of people and property, it would not be surprising that the populations‘reactivate’ self-defense groups like the “bangandos police” launched in the PK. And hello to the excesses, lynchings and other punitive expeditions which are to be feared. A problem within another problem.

Today we need an entity specialized in cleaning up scum of the worst kind like in the days of the legendary Mobile Security of General Mbele, of General Eyeghé then Prefect of Police, the Yembi and other Mboumbou who had made a work at the karcher against the great thieving.

Today, according to reports, the police are facing a problem of resources. Those allocated to them are very insignificant compared to the heavy missions that are theirs. It is up to the Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI) to look into it seriously because the security of Gabon’s inhabitants and property depends on it.

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2024-04-09 21:36:38
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