the Japanese giant launches Inzone, its brand dedicated to accessories for video games

The Inzone range currently includes two monitors and three headphones. If most of these products have been designed to adapt to the PlayStation 5, they also target the PC video game market, a niche in which Sony now clearly wants to accelerate.

“The market has grown with increased interest in gaming, with the spread of esports tournaments” and technological advancements in the sector, commented Yukihiro Kitajima, head of gaming and marketing at Sony, quoted in a press release from the group.

At the end of May, Jim Ryan, the boss of its Sony Interactive Entertainment video game division, said he wanted to “stimulate growth” of Sony in video games thanks to the PC and mobile sectors.

More present in this area

“We have not been present in a significant way” in these areas, he admitted, saying that he sees in these media “the opportunity to evolve from a presence in a very narrow segment of the gaming market towards a total presence.

Sony is still betting on its PlayStation 5 console, released at the end of 2020. But its production is still the victim of disruptions in supply chains linked to the pandemic and is therefore struggling to meet high demand.

Sony is currently behind in the PC segment of video games, especially compared to its great rival, the American Microsoft, which also competes in consoles with its Xbox.

An already busy market

Other brands are also already firmly established in the field of accessories for “gaming”, such as Razer, Corsair Gaming, Logitech International or SteelSeries.

Sony “is very late” in this “desperately crowded” market, reacted Wednesday to AFP Serkan Toto, analyst of the specialized consulting firm Kantan Games.

It “should have entered this market years ago, given that it is an integrated manufacturer of video games and hardware,” he added.

Sony apparently hopes to capitalize on the power of attraction of its brand and its proven know-how in audio-visual technologies to attract PC gaming customers, according to this analyst.

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