the lawyer appreciated the attempts to take the pension from Pugacheva

Nikas Safronov offered to give money to those in need.

Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Global Look Press

Artist Nikas Safronov previously commented on celebrity retirements. He said that such as Alla Pugacheva, Lolita, the payment from the state in old age is useless – they say, a drop in the ocean. It would be better to give it to working people who earn little. And he cited himself as an example, since he has been doing charity work for a long time.

Lawyer Andrey Aleshkin condemned the artist for his position. He believes that a person is free to dispose of his property, and it is impossible to deprive him of what he is entitled to by law. And Safronov, by offering this, puts himself in a disadvantageous light.

“Any discussion on this topic greatly lowers the social status of those who propose it. Pugacheva is an era, she deserves to be who she is, ”quotes “FederalPress” lawyer.

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