The letter of the 39-year-old murderer is shocking 2024-04-14 19:36:32

The STAR presented a photographic document, showing the purpose coming out of the guardhouse in the 5th stabbing and then disarming the perpetrator who is on top of the victim. By the time she disarms him it’s too late. The clock reads 22.24 on April 1st. What happens next doesn’t matter because the girl is already dead.

The authorities have all the footage from the security cameras in their hands and the target must answer the basic question of why he did not come out of the guardhouse in the first stabbing.

“I want to leave” shouts from the hospital 39 years old murderer who cut the thread of life on Sunday evening of April Fools’ Day outside the A.T. Agioi Anargyro.

The killer of the deceased Kyriaki, who collapsed from the stabbings of her ex-partner in Agioi Anargyros, is still hospitalized at the Tzanio Hospital, where he was transferred from the “Attikon” after the suicide attempt he made, while six psychiatrists who examined him, decided that he did not need psychiatric hospitalization.

“Untie me, I want to get out of here, I want to talk to my parents, my mother. Why won’t you let me talk to them? I don’t want to go to jail or be locked up in a psychiatric hospital, I want to leave”, are the words of the 39-year-old from the hospital, according to what was broadcast by ANT1 and the show “To Proino” on Friday morning (12.04.24).

In fact, he is strapped to the bed all day long, yelling, tense and uncooperative.

In the “light” of publicity came the content of another letter from her 39-year-old killer Kiriaki Griva, who breathed her last outside the police station of Aghii Anargyri.

In particular, his letter states: “I’m writing to you because I wanted you to listen to me for once without talking and throwing away yours, you erased the trust I had in you with what you did. You made it so hard, then you convinced me in tears that you wanted to be together.

And he adds: “I told you baby I have some problems, I have bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. I was a user for so many years and now I quit for the first time because I wanted to be with you. You, on the other hand, as I told you yesterday, never left this relationship alone. Sometimes one thing happened, sometimes the other, sometimes the other. Photos love why do you look at other people when we go out?’

“He breaks everything around him, throws serums and acts like a madman to leave” said the President of POEDIN, Michalis Giannakos.

As he revealed on the LIVE NEWS show, today Thursday (11/4/2024), the 39-year-old is in good health, however, he constantly finds various tricks in order to cause a fuss and get the much-desired psychiatric opinion so that he can be sentenced with leniency.

“It’s sad that the whole state has to deal with a cruel murderer for 10 days who should be in prison. While he is in good health, he seems extremely anxious. He’s throwing the serums, he’s been restrained with straps, as the protocol dictates, and at the same time he’s trying to prove that he has psychiatric problems,” he initially said.

According to what Mr. Giannakos stated, the 39-year-old with this behavior wants to end up in a psychiatric hospital with a psychiatric opinion, while already the first opinions of the psychiatrists, who examined him after the murder of the 28-year-old Kyriaki, speak of a manipulative person .

Agioi Anargyri: Sunday’s killer used cocaine before the murderous ambush

New facts are coming to light about the femicide in Agios Anargyros and the murderer of Sunday after the toxicological examination.

According to STAR, the toxicological examination of the perpetrator shows that, in addition to pills and alcohol, he had used cocaine and other drugs before the crime in Agioi Anargyros.

“I consumed wine and substances,” said the killer of Sunday in his apology, but without revealing what those substances are.

Six psychiatrists are said to have examined, so far, the 39-year-old killer of Sunday outside a police station in Agioi Anargyrou and decided that he does not need psychiatric hospitalization.

Specifically, according to what was broadcast by the T-Live show, the 39-year-old murderer has been examined by:

  • Two psychiatrists at the hospital where he was taken after his arrest
  • Two psychiatrists from “Attikon” hospital
  • Two psychiatrists from Korydallos prisons

The opinion of a total of 6 psychiatrists is that he does not suffer from psychological problems – to be hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic – after the suicide attempt he made.

At the moment, the 39-year-old killer of Sunday is being treated at “Zaneio” Hospital in a special room with two beds, a barred window and a bathroom.

Inside it there is no object, so that he does not harm himself, and outside it are the 4 people who guard him 24 hours a day. It is emphasized that at the moment the four people guarding the 39-year-old in Janeio are watching his every move.

Agioi Anargyri: The special room where the 39-year-old killer of Sunday is kept

As the President of the Correctional Officers asserts on the Tlive show, “in addition to suicide attempts, he can also attempt some sort of escape.” In fact, he did not hesitate to emphasize that the guard must be prepared for everything.

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