the man killed her for her organs

Blanca Arellano thought she had finally found love. At 51, this Mexican had even decided to travel the 1,800 kilometers that separated her from Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte, the 37-year-old man she had fallen in love with online.

On July 27, she finally took the plunge, leaving Mexico to visit him in Peru. For weeks, everything will be fine. The 50-year-old even gives news to her family. “My aunt told me she was happy, relaxed and that the relationship was going very well”, explains her niece Karla Arellano on Twitter. A constant communication which, however, suddenly stopped on November 7th.

Without news, the family first tried to get news by sharing a notice of disappearance on social networks. Karla then made the decision to communicate with the famous Juan. “He was the only contact she had in this country. This is where the family really got worried. Because the medical student told them that Blanca had decided to return to Mexico.

“The truth is that I have not known anything for several days, she decided to leave by mutual agreement, I could not give her the life she wanted and she was simply bored of me”, he had given as an explanation… a day before fishermen found the remains of a dismembered woman on a beach. Blanca’s…

The Peruvian police investigation led to the arrest of Juan Pablo Jesus Villafuerte for murder and organ harvesting. He is imprisoned for a period of nine months, the time to deepen the elements.

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