The “mask” is more important than the injury for Osimhen!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

The injury of Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen, Napoli’s Italian top scorer, terrified the club’s fans, management and fellow players, given the important role he has played with the team since the start of the season, and his contribution to leading the “Calcio” so far, with a comfortable difference from the competitors.
And if the league race is guaranteed in favor of Napoli, thanks to the large difference in points that separates it from its competitors, then the major problem is in the current April, which is of paramount importance to the team, during which it faces another pole of Italian football, which is AC Milan 3 times, the first “Sunday”. In the “28th round” of the “Calcio” league, and the other two times, April 12 and 18, in the home and away quarter-finals of the European Champions League, “Champions League”, and the negative impact of the Nigerian star’s absence from important matches cannot be ignored, especially after Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of Naples, announced Osimhen’s absence due to injury will not be less than two weeks.
Osimhen was injured in the left thigh muscle during his country’s match against Guinea Bissau in the qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations, and most importantly, he lost the mask that was covering his face, to protect him from a previous injury to his “cheek” during his team’s match against Inter Milan in November. 2021.
The talk about losing the “mask” in the headlines of the Italian press occupied more space than talking about the injury, given that the Naples fans were optimistic about Osimen wearing the mask in all matches, and even Osimen himself was optimistic about it, even though he had already recovered from the “cheek” injury, to the extent He asked the company producing him to make a new mask for him, even though he didn’t actually need it, but out of optimism!
The Napoli medical staff did not specify the exact period of Osimhen’s absence, given that he was prejudiced against himself, and played for some minutes while he was injured, during the Guinea-Bissau match, although some informed Italian sources stated that it could reach between 3 and 4 weeks, meaning that the star The Nigerian will miss the three matches against AC Milan this month, starting with “Sunday” in the “Calcio”, then the 12th and 18th in the first and second leg of the Champions League.
The funny thing is that the length of time Osimhen wore a face mask prompted many of the club’s fans, especially young boys, to use a similar mask, to imitate their beloved star, the best scorer in “Calcio” and one of the best scorers in the European continent this season.
Victor Osimhen, born on December 29, 1998, “24 years old”, started his professional career in German Wolfsburg “2017-2019”, and from there to the Belgian Royal Charleroi to 2019, and in the same year he moved to French Lille “2019-2020”, and settled in Naples. As of 2020.
He played for the U-17 and 23 national teams, and was promoted to the Nigerian national team in 2017.

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