Urgent warning to millions of iPhone users: Your health is in danger

The American company “Apple” issued an urgent warning to millions of users of the “iPhone” phone that it manufactures, about their health.

The warning concerns users who use a pacemaker or any other medical device implanted in their bodies.

And “Apple” told them that they should keep the phone away from their chest 6 inches, which is equivalent to 15.2 centimeters.

And the smart phone giant explained that the interference of magnets and the electromagnetic field with the functions of these devices could be fatal, according to the British Daily Mail, Saturday.

About 3 million people in the United States alone have pacemakers implanted in their bodies.

Pacemakers are small computers implanted under the skin, specifically in the chest area, that monitor the heart rate and activate it if it is not working enough.

The “Apple” warning includes the latest devices of its versions, such as “iPhone 13” and “iPhone 14”, in addition to “Apple Watch”, “Mac” computers, “iPad” tablets, and others.

A study concluded last month that people who use Apple Watch watches may experience interference with pacemakers.

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