The mother of Muhammad Adel, the killer of Naira Ashraf, finally confesses for the first time.. This is the reason why my son committed the crime!!

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The mother of Muhammad Adel, the killer of Mansoura student Naira Ashraf, commented on the decision to execute her son, saying: My son is not a criminal… and I spent 3 days with mercy on Naira.

She stressed that she does not defend her son’s killing of the victim, but she considers that he is also a victim, as he was psychologically stressed, and he is an orphan of the father, he lost his father when he was eight years old, and that throughout his life he was distinguished, with high morals and a religious person, according to “Cairo 24”. .

She pointed out that her son was not planning to reach this stage and kill the victim, but this happened as a result of the psychological pressures he was going through, noting that “he is a good person, and she never expected it to come to this point.”

She confirmed that during the recent period, her son had not shown any signs indicating that he had ever reached this stage, but there was a relationship between the victim and the accused, and there were many verbal altercations between them, and that it came to her family that they took Muhammad to their house, and they signed him on trust receipts. .

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