The mutated Omicron prevalent in Egypt… Health warns against leaving preventive measures (Infographic)

Hossam Hosni, head of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona at the Ministry of Health, said that an inventory of the numbers and statistics of the Omicron mutant and its injuries is currently being done locally, to be announced soon, adding that Omicron is the currently prevailing mutant in Egypt, pointing out that it is rapidly spreading.

He warned against a state of recklessness on the part of people not to take precautions and to distance themselves from others in case they feel tired, which led to an increase in infections with the Omicron mutant in the previous period, stressing that Egypt does not have any problem in hospitals or intensive care, which indicates the weakness of the virus, stressing the availability of all vaccines and therapeutic protocols in hospitals.

Health warns against underestimating preventive measures

Hossam Hosni, head of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona at the Ministry of Health, said for the seventh day, that there is a noticeable increase in infections with the Corona virus around the world, and not only in Egypt, noting that the average number of corona infections worldwide is about 700 thousand infections per day, pointing out that the recovery rate in hospitals Isolation reached 83.5% for the first time in months, and this means that the injuries, in general, have become minor.

He added that with the increase in the number of corona infections, the death rate is still in the normal rates despite the increase in infections, which indicates that the Omicron mutant has relatively weak symptoms and similarity to influenza symptoms because it affects the upper respiratory tract and therefore is unable to reach the lungs in the normal way that the mutant was reaching Delta, thus reducing chronic symptoms associated with hospitalization, intensive care and oxygen demand.

And he continued, that the rate of spread of a mutant or micron is very fast, as a person can infect 10 to 12 other people, even if he does not show symptoms, in closed places, which led to the spread in closed places and communication between people in workplaces and studies, and he continued: The numbers in Egypt increased due to the Omicron mutant, and the increase after the temporary decrease in numbers is considered regressive waves as a result of the mutant itself and its rate of spread worldwide, explaining: The Omicron mutant is present in Egypt and due to the cold weather, there are symptoms of influenza and an overlap between symptoms to the extent that people do not know whether they suffer from mutant omicron mother from influenza”.

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