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Original title: The national football team announced the roster for the top 12 match, Wu Lei and 4 naturalization were absent

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, March 16 (Reporters Xiao Shiyao, Liu Bo) On the 16th, the Chinese men’s football team announced the 25-man roster for the last two matches of the World Cup qualifiers. Wu Lei and 4 Brazilian naturalized players were not included. Called, Jiang Guangtai and Li Lei were selected.

Compared with the last stage of the game, the Chinese team’s roster has changed a lot in the offensive line. The 4 naturalized forwards Luo Guofu, Fernando, Alan, Exon and Wu Lei have not entered the squad. In addition, Wei Shihao is absent due to injury. There are only three strikers Zhang Yuning, Tan Long and Liu Binbin in the Chinese team. . The Chinese team has not changed much in the midfield and backcourt. The captain Wu Xi and other main players are all listed. Chi Zhongguo was rejected due to injury, and the young fullback Tong Lei of the Dalian Club entered the squad.

The official social media of the Chinese men’s football team announced that the team will depart from Haikou to Dubai on the afternoon of March 17. The only naturalized players Jiang Guangtai and “overseas” player Li Lei in the team will join the team in Dubai.

According to the schedule, the Chinese men’s football team will play against Saudi Arabia in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates on March 24, and against Oman in Muscat on March 29. At present, the Chinese team ranks fifth in the group with 1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses, and has missed the 2022 Qatar World Cup ahead of schedule. National football coach Li Xiaopeng said that the team needs to stay focused and fight hard for the opponent.

In addition, the Chinese U23 men’s national football team led by Serbian coach Jankovic will also set off on the same plane to prepare for and participate in the “Dubai Cup” International Football Championship in late March.

The following is the 25-man squad for the Chinese men’s football team:

Shandong Taishan Football Club: Jin Jingdao, Wang Dalei, Liu Binbin, Xu Xin, Zheng Zheng, Ji Xiang, Liu Yang

Shanghai Harbour Football Club: Yan Junling, Wang Shenchao

Guangzhou Football Club: Liu Dianzuo, Jiang Guangtai, Zhang Linpeng, Gao Zhunyi, Liao Lisheng

Changchun Yatai Football Club: Tan Long

Beijing Guoan Football Club: Yu Dabao, Zhang Xizhe, Zhang Yuning, Gao Tianyi

Shenzhen Football Club: Dai Weijun

Shanghai Shenhua Football Club: Wu Xi, Zhu Chenjie

Wuhan Football Club: Hao Junmin

Dalian Professional Football Club: Tong Lei

Zurich Grasshopper Football Club: Li Lei

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