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2023-11-17 06:40:05

The selling point of most horror games is to scare people to death, but if multiplayer cooperation is added, the selling point may be to make people laugh to death. The horror game “Lethal Company” developed by the independent team Zeekerss has received overwhelming praise since its launch at the end of October, and its popularity has not decreased with the release time. The number of players playing the game on Steam has not decreased but has increased to new highs. .

“Lethal Company” is a 3D sci-fi horror survival game in the style of a low-resolution recorder. Players play the role of scavengers employed by the “Company” and come to an abandoned satellite to pick up local resources left behind. The game supports up to 4 players. Players collaborate online.

The most terrifying thing about the game is that you will encounter all kinds of “monsters” when you are picking up resources.

In the game, there will be quite dangerous monsters at night and in the ruins, not only giant man-eating insects, but also one, two, three wooden monsters, and even a ghost girl. Each monster can easily kill you or your teammates.

Moreover, in the game, it is not only dangerous inside the buildings, but you can also lose your life wandering around.

Since its release in Steam Early Access on October 24, “Lethal Company”‘s positive reputation has attracted significant crowds in November, and has also attracted attention from overseas live broadcast circles.

According to Steamchart data, the number of players of “Lethal Company” has increased significantly in the past week, and hit a peak of 60,000 simultaneous connections today (17th).

In fact, the gameplay of “Lethal Company” is not innovative. Many similar cooperative horror games in the past have the same scare elements, but this game has a very diverse range of monsters, and it is not uncommon to sell teammates in order to survive.

Therefore, overseas discussion forums are full of players sharing various funny scenes, whether they are being scared to death by monsters or being laughed to death by teammates, making “Lethal Company” a terrifying and interesting survival experience in all kinds of ways.

Comedic Timing
byu/VersusXO inlethalcompany

byu/chikn_nugets inlethalcompany

In addition to monsters chasing you, the game “Lethal Company” is also full of many traps. Sometimes there is no need for monsters to kill you, and the player may die on the spot anytime and anywhere.

The most interesting thing recently is that some players discovered that even “ladder devices” can be used to kill people. How to avoid being killed by brainless teammates in “Lethal Company” is another fun part of this work.

I didn’t know that would kill him
byu/Mr_h2mer inlethalcompany

The multiplayer cooperative horror exploration game “Lethal Company” has been launched on Steam for early access on October 24. The standard price is NT$188. Interested players can invite friends to try it out.

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