the new 4680 cell reveals its good recharging speed


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Tesla has started Model Y deliveries with the new 4680 cells. These are finally showing what they are capable of.

New Tesla batteries feature larger cells, which are called 4680 in reference to their size. The objective is both to optimize the autonomy of electric vehicles, but also the speed of recharging.

This new battery pack will be used in particular for the brand’s two behemoths, the Semi electric truck and the Cybertruck pick-up. But Model Ys coming out of factories in Texas and Berlin also carry 4680 cells.

A user ran a test on a Supercharger in California, starting with an empty battery showing 0%. Charging peaked at 250kW and the vehicle gained 80% in 32 minutes.

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“0% to 80% in 32 minutes. We’ve added approximately 360 kilometers of range to our Model Y”, can we read in a tweet from The Kilowatts. The Twitter account also filmed a timelapse recharging.

We thus see that from 25%, the recharge drops below 150 kW. Similarly, the charging power is less than 100 kW from 45%. When reaching 80%, the load reaches 50 kW.

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