The parade guessed the mystery clue “star couple” quietly broke up.

At this time, I must say that these “Star Couple” Many couples love each other silently. If you don’t notice, you can’t know at all. Some couplesno sweet moment No couple pictures or may even unfollow each other on IG Most recently, the page was like“Jay Wang Khakha” has also posted a mystery to a star couple

The page posted a puzzle message that “Buzz! Quietly broke up Couple in a good mood…good The younger brother of the famous hero and the smiling actress This message is quite difficult to guess.

And of course, this hint made netizens flock to the comments to speculate that it was their partner. “Thor. and Or” or “Kor. and Chor.” Some people still can’t figure it out because celebrities have broken up very quietly lately.

Thank you Jay Wang

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