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The People’s Liberation Army continues to attack the island and exercise scholars: create conditions for early reunification

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People’s Liberation Army

People's Liberation ArmyPeople's Liberation Army

People’s Liberation Army

The People’s Liberation Army continued to conduct “island attack” combat exercises around Taiwan Island yesterday. Several bombers crossed the Taiwan Strait in both directions to “advance and deter and oppress” the island. Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the National Defense University of China, believes that this military exercise has completely broken through the so-called “strait center line”, emphasizing that “the “strait center line” has never been recognized by us. conditions have been created.”

The PLA’s three-day military exercise around Taiwan Island was originally scheduled to end at noon yesterday, but the “Eastern Theater” issued an alert on Weibo at 12:00 noon, saying, “As planned, we will continue to conduct practical joint exercises in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island, focusing on inspections. Joint Fires Ground Strike and Long Range Air Strike Capabilities”.

Since the evening, the Eastern Theater Command has successively released clips of the military exercise of the day, showing that bombers and fighter planes were successively launched into the air, flying around Taiwan Island, and the cloud-shrouded central mountain range of Taiwan Island was clearly visible. The eastern theater refers to that, with the support of early warning aircraft, jammers and maritime ships, the air strike force joined with long-range rocket launchers and conventional missiles yesterday to precisely strike the predetermined target from multiple directions; “Through the north and the south while crossing the Taiwan Strait in both directions”.

A pilot of the Air Force of the Eastern Theater Command stated that this mission shows that “we have the ability and means to carry out precise point kills from the air and defeat any opponent”; the chief of a staff department even believed that the mission “tempered and improved the key to the island.” Targeted precision destruction capabilities ensure that air power hits fast, accurately, and hard.”

People's Liberation ArmyPeople's Liberation Army

People’s Liberation Army

CCTV: Completely break the illusion of the central line of the strait

In addition, CCTV released a clip of the 071 integrated landing ship’s actual combat exercise yesterday, showing that the landing ship closely cooperates with the air-cushion craft, helicopter, amphibious tank and armored vehicle it carries to “achieve a three-dimensional island capture operation.” CCTV also summarized the ten major breakthroughs in this military exercise around Taiwan Island, including “navy ships approaching the coast of Taiwan Island”, “conventional missiles flew over Taiwan Island for the first time”, “completely broke the narrative and fantasy of the “strait center line”, “the first time in Taiwan.” The eastern part of the island is set up with a shooting range for actual combat, and the back road is closed” and so on. CCTV emphasized that five of the six major areas of this military exercise are east of the so-called “strait center line”, and one is across the so-called “strait center line”, indicating that there is no such thing as “the US military in the last century for combat needs.” The imaginary boundary line introduced” also refers to the military exercises in these regions “equivalent to controlling the Taiwan Strait”, and bluntly stated that the PLA’s military aircraft and warships will be normalized in the future to train east of the so-called “strait center line”.

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