The family’s last trip to Egypt…the funeral of the victims of the Sharm El-Sheikh accident

07:45 PM

Sunday 07 August 2022

Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud:

Today, Sunday, the people of Jojer village of Talkha district in Dakahlia governorate buried the bodies of a couple and their daughter, who were killed in an accident while returning from a trip in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Yesterday, the South Sinai Security Directorate received a report from the ambulance facility that an angel’s car overturned in Nazlat Al-30 in Abu Dis, which led to the death of 3 people and the injury of two others.

By moving and examining, it was found that the deceased were: Dr. Mahmoud Fadi Zaki Salama – 42 years old, Sherine Abed Rab Al-Nabi al-Mikawi – 39 years old – English, and Judy Mahmoud Salama – 11 years old, and the injured are: Jana Mahmoud Salama – 15 years old – an Englishwoman with a severe wound Above the left eyebrow, and Yusra Mahmoud Salama – 3 years old, English, and she notified the Public Prosecution Office of Ras Sidr to undertake the investigation.

It was also found that the deceased had been living with his family in England, and had been on vacation in Egypt for only a few days, and had gone to Sharm el-Sheikh with his family, and on the way back, the accident occurred.

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