The perfect bed with extra storage is at Ikea

Even though a small room It does not have the possibilities of a large double bedroom, it can also be a room in which you want to be. How do we get it? Making it look wider with different solutions, and in those, we have seen that Ikea has a bed (or a bed framerather) to make our bedroom have a little more space, also because it has more space than storage.

In this sense, and as something more than valuable if we have been trying to modify this space at home for some time, the Swedish Ikea store does because this bed that we are going to present to you in the following lines can allow this area to improve considerably. Best of all, moreover, is that allows to configure with different variations to fit in all styles, so we will gain space and a modern decor.

The Ikea Brimnes bed structure to easily get more space

Something important that you should not lose is that, if what you are looking for is that that small room seems larger or has dimensions somewhat older (without carrying out works or anything similar), it is not about changing the paint on the walls to a white color, far from it. In fact, that is not an essential factor for a room to appear larger. The trick is in pick and match good proportions of furniture.

Because, although many opt for this measure to place a small bed, the most convenient thing is that this be done with a low bedHence, we believe that this idea that we have within the chain can work really well in your new bedroom. It’s about the bed frame Brimnes, the same one that comes with 4 drawers under the divan-style bed. It has measurements of 160×200 cm, and its price is 200 euros.

With a divan-style design, you will gain spaciousness and modernity

Therefore, what we have is surely one of the pieces of furniture that will gain the most strength from now on in the Ikea catalog, also because it has a more than noticeable presence (and similar) with other models, such as the Hemnes, without going further away. Thus, the Brimnes we are talking about will be the perfect ally for small spaces because it will be the absolute protagonist of your new spaceand of which we know that it will be a success.

As you can see in the image above, it is a versatile piece that can be used as a sofa, bed or trundle bed. In addition, thanks to its classic style, we will ensure a timeless furniture and it never goes out of style. At the same time, it comes with extensive drawers under the bed, so it will be the solution to store duvets, pillows and bedding. It will be a wide, modern bed and a good idea to make it more beautiful…

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